Searching for homes in the Chicagoland and Rockford Areas… so many websites to choose from!

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So many choices… where do we begin? Good Question, 97% of all home purchases begin right here on the Internet. Because of this, consumers have many choices of websites to search homes from.

First, it is important to understand that most of the existing Home Search websites main goal is to make money selling advertising and selling your name and information as leads to both Realtors and Lenders. Many of the websites including Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and even have some very inaccurate information. Homes that have sold may not be updated, purchase prices could be incorrect and new listings may not get added quickly or at all in some cases.

The best way to assure you have the most accurate information at your fingertips is to either be working with a Realtor who has access to your area’s MLS or for you to be using a Home Search website that is linked directly to their MLS. Many of you of course do not want to contact a Realtor in the beginning as you are in the education stage of home buying or selling and do not want to yet be harassed or ready to select a Realtor to represent you. There is a solution and there is a website and APP that was created for you.

It is called HOMEBUYERS SCOUTING REPORT and it is linked directly to your area’s MLS systems. The website requires users to create a username and password but unlike its competition does not sell your name and information to Realtors or Lenders. Because it is linked directly into the Realtor’s MLS systems you see the data in real time just like Realtors do. You can shop and educate yourself at your own speed and contact a Real Estate agent when you are ready.  Do you own a home currently? If so, you can sign up for monthly emails that let you know which houses in your neighborhood and area have sold and what they have sold for.

After you create your username and password you can being searching for homes at or you can download the free APP on your smartphones or tables. Search HOME SCOUTING and download the  APP then use the VIP access code of: 815621988. It’s that simple and feel free to share with any friends, co-workers or family this great home shopping tool.

If you ever have any questions regarding Mortgages or Real Estate I can be reached anytime at (815) 621-9888 or by email at  You can also visit me on the web at  or like me on Facebook at:


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